Full Basement Renovation

An on-time within budget basement renovation with life long clients

In this project, we worked with the client to estimate the total project cost and work schedule.

The basement was semi-finished and included an outdated washroom, laundry room, and carpets. The project included the demolition and disposal of the existing finishing including, drywall, framing, carpet, and washroom fixtures. We timed material delivery and the disposal bin to maximize the driveway utilization and to allow the owners to use their upstairs with limited interruptions.

After demolition, we worked on framing the basement leveraging the existing layout, with framing complete we worked on the electrical, plumbing, and insulation before closing off the drywall. We tiled the bathroom and laundry room to a modern finish with the client’s chosen material. The bathroom featured a linear drain flush with hexagon tiles.

After the drywall was placed, we installed the new floors with a suitable underlayment. While the drywall was being sanded and painted the team worked on the baseboards, window, and door trim.

The result is a stunning basement in under 3 weeks with happy clients who have referred us to their friends and family.

Project Duration:
3 weeks

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